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Iwatsu Enterprise Communications Server
The Iwatsu Enterprise 4.0 Communications Server utilizes QuadFusion™ Technology to marry the four dominant communications protocols onto one platform.  The reliable modular design allows businesses to start small and grow the system up to 1024 ports.

In a compact wall-mountable cabinet, the ADIX-VS system provides the power of corporate communications for small businesses and home offices

Iwatsu Enterprise Unified Communications
Iwatsu TOL 7.0 simplifies office communications with enhanced mobility, integrated presence and unified messaging applications.

IP Networking
With the power of VoIP (voice over IP) technology, your main and remote offices and even remote workers can communicate like they’re within one roof.

Iwatsu Enterprise Management Resources
The Iwatsu Enterprise Management resource solution have been developed to bring Call Center Management and reporting to your fingertips with an intuitive award winning design.

Iwatsu Executive IP Phone
Whether you’re working from home or across the globe, the Executive IP Phone lets offsite workers communicate with in-office functionality.

Iwatsu Wireless Phone
The Iwatsu wireless telephone provides integration with the Iwatsu Enterprise Communications Server system and allows freedom of movement and communications with in your office.

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